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Tyson Foods Under Investigation for Negligence in Feed Supplement Discharge

Tyson Foods has just announced to the US Security and Exchange Commission, in its quarterly report, they are under investigation by the Department of Environmental Protection Agency. This investigation stems from the May 2014 incident, in which the Tyson Foods’ plant discharged food supplement into the water plant system in Monett, Missouri. This is in addition to the civil damages claim that the Missouri Attorney General, Chris Koster, said the state will bring against Tyson Foods

The EPA Investigation

The investigation will look into how the discharge of feed supplement from Tyson Foods ended up into the Monett water plant, and eventually into Clear Creek. The damage occurred because the elements within the liquid feed supplement used by Tyson Foods killed the vital bacteria used to treat the water within the Monett sewer system. Without these necessary bacteria, ammonia that was practically undiluted released in to Clear Creek.

This spurred the death of more than 100,000 fish over a four-mile radius and a massive cleanup process. Tyson Foods officials have stated that criminal charges from the EPA could have severe consequences, such as fines and the suspension or permanent loss of governmental contracts.

State Civil Damages Claim

While state officials stated that they do not believe the discharge of liquid feed supplement was intentional, they do believe that the incident was caused by negligence. In the civil damages claim, the state will seek fines against the company, as well as compensation for the damages arising from the incident, costs associated with cleanup and the costs of the investigation.

This is just one more example that shows just how important it is for all companies to create effective and efficient processes for chemical and industrial waste removal. It makes working with an experience and reputable waste management company extremely important. This could reduce the risk of hefty fines, loss of contracts, and criminal investigations.

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