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Safe and Economical Earthwork and Evacuation

Once you’ve found the perfect site for your new business or have decided to build or renovate a structure on your existing property, you need to ensure that your site development plans can accommodate any hazardous or contaminated soil or environmental cleanups that may arise in the construction process.

What Happened at the Federal Creosote Site?

You might find that after purchasing a property, testing reveals hazardous or dangerous waste in the soil or groundwater. Such a scenario afflicted Somerset County in New Jersey. In Manville, a wood treatment facility operated from the 1910s until the mid-1950s where telephone poles, railroad tracks, and railroad poles were treated with coal tar creosote.

At that time, few regulations governed the disposal of hazardous waste, and the company used two canals to drive the creosote manufacturing byproducts and waste into two on-site lagoons.

No one thought much about the effect of the lagoons on the property when developers purchased the 50 acre tract for a residential community and shopping mall. The houses and buildings were erected over the filled, but untreated, waste areas.

Unfortunately, when EPA officials tested surface soil in the area in 1998, they found at least 19 homes that were contaminated with dangerous levels of carcinogens. The EPA designated the area a superfund site, and fifteen years after cleanup began, the Federal Creosote Site was taken off the superfund list.

How Can You Find Safe and Economical Evacuation and Earthworks Service?

Most excavation and earthwork jobs are not as extensive or time-consuming, but they are all critical in ensuring that your lot is as safe from hazardous material as possible. Proper handling of excavation and earthworks before construction can help prevent disasters like the Federal Creosote Site.

The FGS Group can provide licensed personnel and reliable, flexible equipment for any of your excavation or earthworks needs. Whether you have a small site or a large industrial facility, the experts can safely and cost-effectively handle your excavation and earthwork projects. With the importance of this work, you need to select a contractor you can trust.

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