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Is Your Cleanup Site Secure?

The process involved for cleaning up a contaminated site is quite intense and involves a very detailed and well-developed plan. Once you detect contamination at your worksite or on your company property, one of the first things you need to do is to secure the area surrounding […]

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Is Your Chemical Response Plan in Place?

If your company utilizes any type of potentially dangerous chemicals in its operations, it is vital and mandatory that you have an effective disaster response team in place. No matter how careful your employees are and how many safeguards you have in place, accidents can still occur. […]

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Chemical Spill at Vermont Air Base Handled Quickly with Little Damage

What could have been a very dangerous and deadly chemical spill at a Vermont Air Base, proved a prime example at how effective emergency response preparedness can be if done correctly. Thanks to a quick response and a well-trained Hydrazine Response Team, the six affected airmen were […]

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Tyson Foods Under Investigation for Negligence in Feed Supplement Discharge

Tyson Foods has just announced to the US Security and Exchange Commission, in its quarterly report, they are under investigation by the Department of Environmental Protection Agency. This investigation stems from the May 2014 incident, in which the Tyson Foods’ plant discharged food supplement into the water […]

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Grants Boost Environmental Clean-Up for Metro Projects

The Metropolitan Council is investing $2.6 million to clean up approximately 44 acres of brownfield sites throughout five major cities. This week, the council approved its latest round of Livable Communities grants designed at creating spurring transit-oriented development and private investment in the Twin Cities area. The […]

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Chemical Spill Containment and Responsiveness

The number of industrial chemical spills in North America is continuing uninterrupted. The U.S. National Response Center and Environment Canada report that, on average, there are more than 40,000 reported chemical spills annually in the continent. In Canada alone, there were 175,000 tons of chemicals released into […]

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San Luis Obispo Fined for Hazardous Waste Dumping

After denying the illegal disposal of dangerous chemicals, the city of San Luis Obispo paid an $8,690 fine earlier this year for the dumping of harmful waste at the city’s corporate yard. The California Department of Toxic Substances Control, and other regulatory agencies, began to investigate the […]

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The Retailer’s Responsibility for Waste Compliance is Growing

Hazardous waste compliance is no longer a concern only for the manufacturing and industrial companies; it has become an area of responsibility for retailers as well. When it comes to the management of hazardous waste, retailers are caught in a precarious balancing act. Following many high profile […]

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Safe and Economical Earthwork and Evacuation

Once you’ve found the perfect site for your new business or have decided to build or renovate a structure on your existing property, you need to ensure that your site development plans can accommodate any hazardous or contaminated soil or environmental cleanups that may arise in the […]

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What is Hazardous Waste?

The EPA regulates hazardous waste from manufacture and use to transportation and disposal. These regulations help minimize health and safety risks to people, animals, and the environment. When exposed to hazardous waste, people and animals can become ill or even die depending on the type of toxin […]

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