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From Liability to Opportunity: Using Cement in Site Remediation

Brownfield sites are empty, abandoned or under-utilized properties that are very difficult to redevelop due to soil contamination. But that doesn’t mean remediation isn’t possible. Hazardous substances in the soil can be treated successfully using portland cement. This is known in the industry as solidification/stabilization (S/S).

S/S has been used successfully at countless contaminated sites across America, making once-contaminated soil safely useable again. The need for hazardous waste removal is significantly reduced with S/S, lowering the risk for surrounding communities in which potentially dangerous wastes once existed.

Sustainable construction isn’t just a fad. Cement-based S/S is protective not only to human and environmental health, but it can also play an important role in sustainable development. Indeed, the LEED program rewards projects that use S/S to rehabilitate brownfield sites with points toward certification.

Solidification/Stabilization (S/S): A Cost-Effective Solution

Solidification/Stabilization using cement is an increasingly common method of safely treating, managing and reusing contaminated sites. The technology has been around since the 1950s and is used widely today in the remediation of brownfield sites. How does it work?

S/S involves mixing portland cement into contaminated soil or waste, thus immobilizing harmful elements within the treated material. This protects both human and environmental health. The cement mixes and reacts with the water in the treated material, physically and chemically altering its properties while preventing any dangerous elements from entering the environment.

S/S can be applied to a wide range of contaminants, and is an economically advantageous method for treating contaminated sites. An added bonus is that because S/S treats and contains contaminated soil and other material on-site, it can greatly reduce, if not eliminate, the need for costly and risky landfill disposal. It also helps to protect nearby communities and natural resources by preventing contaminants from leaching into groundwater.

For a cost-effective contamination remediation solution, consider Solidification/Stabilization for your brownfield remediation needs.

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