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What is Hazardous Waste?

The EPA regulates hazardous waste from manufacture and use to transportation and disposal. These regulations help minimize health and safety risks to people, animals, and the environment. When exposed to hazardous waste, people and animals can become ill or even die depending on the type of toxin and amount of exposure. If hazardous waste enters the air, water, or soil, it can be exposed to people and animals through environmental contacts.

How Is Hazardous Waste Categorized?

The EPA classifies hazardous waste, which can take a liquid, sludge, solid, or gas form, into four categories:

  • Listed Wastes—Listed wastes are specific, known hazardous substances grouped into four lists, the F-list, K-list, P-list, and U-list and include wastes such as solvents and many industry-specific manufacturing byproducts.
  • Characteristic Wastes—These wastes may not be specifically included on one of the EPA lists but are deemed hazardous because they are corrosive, toxic, reactive, or ignitable.
  • Universal Wastes—Universal wastes are designated by the EPA and include items like batteries, mercury thermometers, and pesticides.
  • Mixed Wastes—When a waste product includes both hazardous waste and radioactive waste, it is deemed a mixed waste by the EPA.

What Do I Do With Hazardous Waste?

Each hazardous waste category has specific, strict handling rules, particularly in the area of hazardous waste transport, since accidents during transportation can be particularly devastating, leading to evacuations, exposure, injuries, and even death. The EPA also requires careful recordkeeping to track hazardous waste and ensure that all waste that is shipped correctly reaches its destination.

If you have hazardous waste onsite, you need a trusted provider to navigate the regulations and offer safe, error-free transportation, treatment, disposal, and dispersal. The FGS Group is a single, trusted source who can take care of all stages of hazardous waste disposal while offering safe, efficient, and cost-effective service. With an encyclopedic understanding of different wastes and the regulations that govern them, look to the experts when you need to dispose of hazardous waste.


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