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Environmental Contracting & Construction Services

Environmental Contracting & Construction Services

The FGS Group provides various remedial construction services including: * Groundwater/Soil Treatment Systems * Excavation/Earthwork * Construction Oversight/Inspection * Operation/Maintenance

In-House Construction Services

The FGS Group performs all remedial action implementation on a turn-key basis using the full resources of its in-house construction division. By using this in-house strategy, The FGS Group is better able to control schedules, personnel, cost issues, etc. Therefore, we are able to react quickly to subsurface conditions, required changes from the remedial design, in the field discovery of unforeseen areas of contamination, owner access issues, etc. Our construction personnel have over 60 years of combined construction experience with at least 40 of those years related to petroleum storage system construction and environmental remedial system installation.
Our construction services oversight begins with a pre-construction meeting with all key staff and subcontractors as well as the site owner so that the work plan can be discussed in detail, the layout of the system or area of source removal can be physically presented, and the schedule can be evaluated by all parties. This allows any changes in the scope or schedule to be communicated directly to avoid confusion. FGS’ project engineer or geologist will provide continuous oversight during the construction activities to monitor the adherence to the design specifications, subcontractor performance, prepare a written log of daily activities, and to facilitate communication between the Construction Supervisor and the Design Engineer to correct any deviations from the scope of work.
The FGS Group has provided effective construction oversight on a variety of different and challenging construction projects. To date, FGS has installed over 250 remedial systems across the state of Florida. The depth of our experience with construction oversight, combined with the experience of our in-house remediation construction crews, allows for FGS to have success in obtaining site closures in even the most difficult settings. As an example, FGS was able to conduct source removal and short-term groundwater recovery and treatment for a client within the confines of an ongoing major, multi-story condominium construction site in downtown Tampa. The FGS Group ultimately achieved site closure for the site owner/developer without creating costly construction delays.
On this and all projects, FGS’ construction oversight team, its in-house construction division, and its selected subcontractors are dedicated to completing the work according to specifications, on time and on budget.

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