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Is Your Cleanup Site Secure?

The process involved for cleaning up a contaminated site is quite intense and involves a very detailed and well-developed plan. Once you detect contamination at your worksite or on your company property, one of the first things you need to do is to secure the area surrounding the contamination. Typically, you can do this using high-quality fencing with secure entry gates. It is vital that this fencing surround the parameters of the cleanup site to prevent entry from outside intruders.

Benefits of Security Fencing

The primary benefit of security fencing is to prevent outside intruders from gaining entry into the contaminated area. Without this protective fencing, those without experience in working with contamination could enter the area, causing undo harm, injury, illness or death. This can prevent damage to your cleanup area, which could jeopardize your cleanup efforts.

Type of Fencing

When working at cleanup sites, typically temporary fencing is used. While this fencing is only for use on a short-term basis, it is still strong and very effective at keeping intruders out of your cleanup site. Outdoor cleanup sites usually use steel fencing, while warehouse enclosures are available for indoor worksites and dumpster enclosures are available to secure waste prior to disposal.

You can use signage on the fencing to warn people not to enter and that it is a dangerous. In addition, you can use security gates as an entry point, which allows you to regulate who has access to the site.

It is crucial that you work with a fencing company that has experience in handling security fencing for contamination sites. This will ensure you utilize the proper fencing that will secure your worksite and limit your liability for further damages. This will protect the integrity of your cleanup effort, keep you on schedule, and avoid any unnecessary damages or harm to other.

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