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Chemical Spill Containment and Responsiveness

The number of industrial chemical spills in North America is continuing uninterrupted. The U.S. National Response Center and Environment Canada report that, on average, there are more than 40,000 reported chemical spills annually in the continent. In Canada alone, there were 175,000 tons of chemicals released into the water system last year.

Despite North American industry having the best practices for managing incidents, accidents still happen, and managers are required to undertake due diligence in evaluating every possible contingency. Whether spill containment preparation requires external containment systems or redundant systems, response time is crucial to minimizing the risk and its long-term effects.

What Is Crucial for Companies to Know During a Chemical Spill?

Many facilities dedicate their spill containment protocols to third-party contractors who are offsite. There is a significant gap in time between the reported incident and the arrival of the support from the offsite contractor. On-site, manually deployed solutions are more appropriate, but commonly do not have enough capacity for spill containment, due to most of the corporation’s resources going to the actual product.

There are several crucial reasons why companies should allocate more resources, and invest in spill containment technology. Fines have drastically increased in the last five years. For example, Ontario’s “you spill, you pay” law is a marked increase in aggressiveness towards chemical spills.

It Is Imperative for Companies to Follow Proper Containment Procedures

The cost of cleanup includes the cost of a contractor, and chemical removal and facility downtime. Once the chemicals leave the facility and enter the environment, the company loses all control and the costs in fines and cleanups can reach the hundreds of thousands of dollars. A chemical spill has also been proven to have the ability to ruin a company’s reputation and lower public opinion, hindering sales.

The EPA and environmental agencies advocate for the environment, and for the company’s, sake, to invest and chemical spill containment and responsiveness. A contingency must be made for every possible way that a chemical spill could happen.

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