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Is Your Chemical Response Plan in Place?

If your company utilizes any type of potentially dangerous chemicals in its operations, it is vital and mandatory that you have an effective disaster response team in place. No matter how careful your employees are and how many safeguards you have in place, accidents can still occur. Oftentimes, the difference between an accident being a controllable incident with minimum damages or a disaster that causes extensive damage is a well-developed and executed emergency and/or disaster response team.

Know Your Chemicals

Before creating any type of response plan, it is vital that you know exactly what type of chemicals are used in your facility, as well as how the chemicals are used, where they are stored, and specifically what dangers the chemicals pose. Use of these chemicals should have documentation and this information must be easily attainable. It is also important that you update your response plan if your company implements the use of different chemicals.

Professional Cleanup Team

Your company’s emergency response team must also pair up with a professional emergency and disaster response company that has experience with emergency cleanup service. Having this working relationship put in place before an emergency occurs can allow the cleanup crew to take immediate action and help to minimize the damage and your company’s overall liability. This professional team will immediately respond to your emergency, evaluate the problem and quickly implement a disaster plan the will minimize costs and reduce damages.

If your company does not have a chemical response plan in motion, or if you have not reevaluated your current plan, you need to do so now. An experienced and professional company that specializes in emergency response preparedness can help you create a viable plan for your company. This will help you save time and money if an accidental chemical spill was ever to occur and keep you in regulatory compliance.


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